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Exhibition: Family, privately

One thing I love most about my life as an artist is to go out, display my work in exhibitions and to get in touch with you there. So I’m glad to announce that my work will be shown in … Continue reading

20. September 2012 by Jessica
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Goodbye, 2011!

Dear friends and blog readers, We say goodbye to 2011 today. – Whatever the last year has been to you, I wish you all the best for 2012! Hallo, 2012! I hope that all those things that you’re ready for … Continue reading

31. December 2011 by Jessica
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Is it November already?

Herrje! We still refurbish the front of our house, and the refurbishment brings a lot of problems and dirt and noise, and takes so much longer than we’ve planned. I haven’t work on the animation for my animated short Ins … Continue reading

07. November 2011 by Jessica
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Animating Orpheus (3)

This is going to be only a small report on how I’m progressing on my Orpheus film project. Last week I animated 1289 frames in total which means, I have approx. 1 minute 30 seconds of footage. I also reached … Continue reading

09. August 2011 by Jessica
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The History Of Light

The History of Light from John Earle on Vimeo. Last week I discovered this animated short about the human usage of light from the very beginning until today. The team around John Earle created the video for the TED Conference … Continue reading

21. May 2011 by Jessica
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The Move

The Move, Paper Animation from Mandy Smith on Vimeo. It’s animation. It’s made of paper. It has a lovely sound design. – I just ♥ it!

24. February 2011 by Jessica
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Thought of You

This is a hand-drawn animation that really, really touches my heart. I love, and I’m surprised what artists can do with animation… There’s always a reality behind reality that can best be revealed through the magic of the animating arts… … Continue reading

26. December 2010 by Jessica
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