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Come one, come all!

2012 has been quite a busy and successful year, but was tremendously exhausting at the same time. I started 2013 with a massive cold, and today was the first day that I’d been able to work in the studio again. … Continue reading

09. January 2013 by Jessica
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Loosening Up, Stretching and Preparing

Inspired by the most perfect animated short that exists in my world so far*, I started to work on paper puppets and cut-out animation again. I have several books about making things from paper (like this, for example) and a … Continue reading

02. September 2012 by Jessica
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square : bird : square

Recently I found the animationsequence.com on the internet and after browsing their website for a while, I wanted to contribute an animation myself. The idea: Start and end your animation with a 2D square of 250×250 pixels in the exact … Continue reading

14. August 2012 by Jessica
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