Final Cemetery Door.

Yesterday, something totally unbelievable happened: I finished the cemetery set for my Orpheus film project. I finished it completely. Done. This is just crazy! Now I only have to build the Orpheus puppet, and then I can start animating (though I’m a bit afraid of that for whatever reason…)

I already was nearly there two weeks ago but then Lukas and I went to to London for holidays, inspiration and visiting our friends Weng and Betty, and Simon and Anna. Instead, I did some drawing studies during that time:

London Drawings 01.
London Drawings 02.
London Drawings 03.
1. Tree at the Hyde Park; 2. Girl at Tottenham Court Road; 3. Girl reading (Big Head); 4. Lukas sleeping at the beach; 5. Seaside landscape at Climping Beach.

After being home again, I directly started completing the set:

Final Cemetery Set 3.

Nils suggested to add some structure to the cemetery’s landscape and sent me a quick sketch to illustrate his idea:

Sketch by Nils.

I pretty much liked and like the idea of the plateau-like hills which are indeed still very flat but provide some rhythm to the set. An important point here is that our eyes need a kind of visual anchor to clearly recognize a perspective. Else the viewer could get visually lost. Thanks to Nils for this is a perfectly matching idea! I’m absolutely pleased with its outcome. (Thank you, again!) My initial idea was to use the plain plywood for the ground but after coming back home with a refreshed view, I decided to give it the same look as the one I use in my drawings.

I also drew the street to the ground, glued everything down and added some grass, stones and other tiny details. Before I finally fixed everything in place, I did quick test shots with the camera to see if all the takes are going to work properly, and well they do!

So the biggest set of the film is done, the progress bar shows 65% on set building, and I’d like to give you some impressions (these are not the final takes!):

Final Cemetery Set 2.

Final Cemetery Set 4.

Final Cemetery Set 5.

I still can’t believe it!

03. July 2010 by Jessica
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  1. and it looks fantastic ! Watching the pictures for a while, it really looks like an film set during a break while shooting; the whole crew will be back after lunch (or so)… A very nice color palette too !
    I especially like the balance between 2d- and 3d-ness (don’t know how else to say…). and the first glimpse, how the shadows dropped by the objects will add something very special to the whole set. As always my deepest admiration…

    The words about perspective are very well chosen – everything important in a few words. Nice.

  2. This is really brilliant! And as Michael said: The balance between drawn and sculptured elements is perfect!

  3. Thank you, guys!
    I’m still pleased with the results, and it’s very motivating to simply watch the set (I spent a lot of time in my studio by just *staring* at it…).

    Interestingly, the set seems to be the sum of all I’ve ever done and liked within the arts.

  4. Awesome!!

    I love it.

    and its very normal to fear the on coming animation…so just jump in!


  5. Really nice work jessica! love what you did to the ground. the set looks aweome. congrats

  6. Justin, you’re absoulutely right: fear is normally very helpful but I shouldn’t be afraid of puppet animation… ;) I’ll move on with set building and the final puppet making and then there won’t be any excuse…

    Rich, thank you! Since I really like your work, I really appreciate your compliments! It’s always nice to have so many talented people around here!

  7. Well, good job to Germany working hard in the WC (I really wanted them to win) and good job to you in the progress so far.

    I can see a lot going on, and I imagine we are close to see film shots soon -which I am so looking forward to.

    m_) I definitely like the way you make those trees, and I may ask you permission one day to apply that style to some of my sets. Not yet, though, but I have considered your method a really good one. Just a thought.

  8. m_) just realized that even without making any film at all, those gates are some serious gates that could easily fit in some greeting card…

    m_) by all means, think about that as a choice for friends. If you ever have some party coming up, that shot is worth a hallmark-like card. I know, not ideal a cemetery gate but some people would find that appealing.Trust me on that.

  9. Hi Dan! Sorry, I’m not a big fan of soccer… I don’t care so much about the results but about the 20 years old boys who have to bear the expectations of a whole nation… ;)

    Of course you can apply the way I made the trees… If you need any help or a more detailed guide, just send me an e-mail.

    Funny thing is, that I was thinking the same about the greeting cards… I already used one of my [shots]( for this few weeks ago.
    And it’s the first time that I’m thinking about merchandising give-aways… Yesterday I made a wallpaper for my desktop from the pattern of Eurydice’s skirt…

  10. There indeed! Jessica these shots of the set in perspective look AMAZING! Woo hoo! Congrats on completing it!

    Don’t hesitate on the shooting I say. Just experiment. There’s no cost at stake. You’ll bring the same creativity to that phase as the others. I know it.

  11. Hear, hear! ;)
    Good to have you back, Shelley! And yes, yoou’re right: right now I’m testing my technical setup, and hopefully finish the puppets this week, so there won’t be any excuses at all…