This isn’t Good Bye

No, really, it isn’t!

You guys,

For a long time I made quite a difference between Jessica the animator and Jessica the fine artist. Somehow I wasn’t able to bring these two aspects of my work together. It took a whole year of shows, exhibitions and screenings to sort this stuff out. Life happens. It’s complicated even though it’s amazing.

Tubes – from my sketchbook
from my sketch book: tubes (2012)

Right now there is no gap between all the things I do anymore. I am an artist, and whether I do animation or drawing or creating paper objects, it’s still me who is doing this.

When I started this blog in 2008, I wanted to document my journey in animation, and to tell you about the process of making my animated short, Ins Dunkel (engl. Into the Dark). I did this, and you responded kindly and I was always glad to have you around. I separated my animations from my other artworks by having a blog about animation here and my online art portfolio on another website though.

To make a long story short: the blog moved over to my portfolio site, and they won’t be separated any more: You’ll find everything I do now on No more hiding, no more multiple online personalities! Jeez, how I love that new site!

If you reed this blog via rss feed, you may want to change the feed url: the new blog’s feed is

and in a few weeks I’ll also change this blog’s feed into that address in case you missed this information.

This blog will remain online since it’s a documentation of a long process, and since there are still some pretty good resources here. Just crawl through all the posts if you have a spare Sunday afternoon or so! I’m going to close the comments on this site after a while, but if you feel the need to say something, just drop me a line!

I send you all much love, and hope to meet all of you again on the new blog!

All the best,
– Jessica

09. February 2013 by Jessica
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Comments (2)

  1. Aw, so nice to see your two sides integrating like this!! Ok, I’ve got your new blog feed up on my blogroll now. See ya over there!!

    PS – I love the drawing!!! So expressive – reminds me of a Tim Burton sketch.

  2. Mike, thank you much for your support! I’m glad you move over, too! :)