Tiny Christmas Drawing Tombola

Since last week there wasn’t much change in my situation: I’m still overworked, and I didn’t work at my Orpheus film project so far. But I’m preparing to do so, since there are two weeks of beautiful and relaxing Christmas holidays ahead.

While I’m looking forward to these two long-awaited weeks, I started decluttering my work spaces, my drawing studio as well as my animation studio in the basement, because cleaning up helps a lot when I’m stuck. Actually I’m decluttering the whole house again, since we own a lot of stuff that may be more useful to somebody else.

I then also opened some closets which hasn’t be open for a while, and was surprised by what I found: Back in 2007, after the release of Ein anderer Traum I made a small edition of 50 DVD including a making of. And there still were a few copies left!

A Drawing! A Tombola!

So here’s the deal:

It’s Christmas, and I didn’t make something special for you like I did last year with the Santa Paper Toy. I also have a weird amount of unique visitors in my stats, and I was wondering if these figures are really real people like, well, you – or if the software simply doesn’t work properly. And so I thought it would be nice to combine the useful with the beautiful.

*Ein anderer Traum* 2007 DVD Edition.

If you leave a nice comment below this post including your e-mail address1 until Friday 17 December 2010 Thursday 23 December2 at midnight (German time), you'll have the chance to win one of 5 limited edition copies of the Ein anderer Traum DVD including my granny-pleasing making of.

It’s a region free video DVD that also contains an English subtitles version (even though it comes without dialogue). I’ll contact the winners at the weekend for your preferred shipping address.

The most beautiful man alive is going to volunteer for the draw and pull the five winners out of the bowl. I’ll send the DVD to you as soon as possible but I think chances are bad that you’ll get them before Christmas, even though they’re my Christmas gifts to you… I hope you’ll like that idea, and I’m already excited and pleased to meet you!

Good luck!

1 Your e-mail address will neither be displayed on this website nor used in any other context. It’ll only be used to contact you in the case you’ll win one of the five DVD.

2 Due to the massive amount of comment (say, none, as in zero) I’m extending the deadline.

18. December 2010 by Jessica
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Comments (11)

  1. Hey Jessica!

    That DVD sounds great! I would like to put my name in the draw for the tombola and have a Very Beautiful Man pull it out of the hat.

    But you gave me a copy already! So I guess I will rule myself out – and we have no post in the UK because of our snow! At least all my Christmas gifts are stuck in Amazonland somewhere.

    Your project WILL get done – don’t worry. And then I will come over to Germany to see the premiere. But I will need to bring my dog!

  2. Oh Simon, you’re such a lovely guy! But you aren’t the first one saying “I’ve already got a copy!”… (And of course you could bring your dog! It’ll love our house and garden!)

    So there a few possibilities left: *Either* all of my readers already have a copy (that would mean I only have 45 readers, and the stats are totally broken), *or* nobody else is liking my film *or* people don’t like my film enough to leave a comment to get it, *or* (the one I like best) my readers are tremendously shy… ;)

  3. Both options, “nobody else is liking my film” and “people don’t like my film enough to leave a comment to get it”, aren’t plausible, when these people aren’t participating in the “my readers already have a copy” club.

    So – to your tremendously shy readers: Chance to get a FREE copy of an animated short movie! FREE like in FREE BEER! :)

  4. Dear Jessica,
    first of all I have to apologize for my bad english!
    Your DVD sounds very interesting to me. I would really like to put also my name to the draw for the tombola. But I have to tell you something: my boyfriend is the most beautiful man alive! :-) hahahahahahahaha. I´m kidding. ;-)
    And: please relax a bit, it´s no good to be overworked. :-)
    greetz from Frankfurt,

  5. Hey Jessica,

    I do would like to participate in your christmas tombola and “win” a dvd :-)

    Thanks for your webpage

    (from Osnabrück)

  6. I was kindly asked to take a look here and yes, I really like this. Great work in all aspects, beautiful arrangements and stories, great soundtracks. Yes, this DVD would not get lost in my collection.

  7. Hi Jannis, Christina and Thorsten!

    It’s lovely to see a few new people around here! You’ll have good chance to get a copy I guess. ;)

    I’m curious: how did you find you way here?

  8. Hey,

    a friend of mine told me about this website and your film project…. So I was very excited about it….. While I rummage through your site I found a lot of nice ideas and how you implemented them…I really like the title and the cover of your movie… very excited to see it – maybe I am one of the lucky ones…. enjoy your christmas time and all the best for 2011!


  9. Elmar, welcome!

    Chances are still good that you’ll get a copy! It’s funny though that I try to find out about my regular readers, and suddenly there are a lot of new people around…
    Thank you for being here!

  10. I missed the whole tombola because I had no connection to the internet between december and middle of january… besides checking my e-mail every two weeks. bohoooo. Is there a way to oder a copy ? a shop ? what else did I miss ?! is it already today ?!

  11. Michael, I’m so sorry! But I’ve got some copies left, just writing you an e-mail!