To Go For a Walk

Since I started animating last week, I animated 1081 frames. – So I already have approx. one-tenth of my Orpheus film finished right now.

During my last shooting session I did a really crappy walk cycle, and I really wanted to change that. I had another look in one of my favorite animation books, The Animator’s Survival Kit (a must-have for animators, I suppose).

I studied the concept of the walks again, and finally managed to achieve a kind of walk that I like:

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The walk is just a small part of the nearly 300 frames I shot today, but I also don’t want to reveal too much.

I have to do some more clean-up work on this sequence, due to stupid technical issues and the hence resulting light flickering. I’ll do that tomorrow, I’m too tired right now.

Today’s pro tip #1:

Never work tired on your animations or editing. Things get worse, believe me.

Today’s pro tip #2:

Always copy your original fils before you start editing/photoshopping or whatever.

Actually I am so happy with the animations. Everything is coming together in a lovely way, and I’m astonished how quick the animation progress bar grows.

Sleep tight!
Yours in animating,

01. August 2011 by Jessica
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Comments (3)

  1. I LOVE this clip an insane amount, Jessica. I love the animation, well done! I love the silhouette 2D environment and how you lit the papery background.

    This project is divine art.

  2. Absolutely beautiful set!

  3. Shelley and Jon, thank you so much!