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After several posts about other stuff I’m now back working on my Orpheus film project. Last Friday I finished another puppet, a tiny bird. This time it’s a minor character from the world of the living and that’s why it isn’t just a silhouette:

Bird, Scale Drawing.


The picture above shows the puppet with rigging wire attached. I used 1.5mm aluminium wire here. The top picture shows the scale drawing. I designed the puppet very small (about 2.5 cm), but it wasn’t possible to build it that size from the materials I’d chosen, so it’s now approx. 3.5 cm in height.

Orpheus is suffering from Eurydice’s death and he plays his lyra for the sake of forgetting his grief for a moment. His music is the only thing he loves as much as he loves dead Eurydice. The bird and one or two other animals are attracted by the sad play and our feathered friend lands on the window ledge and listens to the melody.

I did a small test animation to see if the puppet works:

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

The bird is made of an armature of twisted 1.0 mm aluminium wire, covered with thin cardboard and paper. The eyes are tiny beads and it’s painted with ink and acrylics. It is the tiniest and yet animateable puppet I have ever made, and I found it a real cutie.

Bird Armature.
This is what the armature basically looks like.

Though it’s a minor character it was so very important to make it. I was thinking about how to make the upper world character’s design for weeks now, and at the same time I hadn’t any clou. I wanted them clearly made of paper but with a stable armature inside. So, right now: Heureka! I think I’ve got the solution!

Then I checked all my To Do lists for the project yesterday as well, and saw that I finished nearly one third of all sets and puppets which is absolutely great and more than I had expected so far. I’m only a few weeks behind my schedule…

26. April 2010 by Jessica
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  1. m_) Congratulations on your step forward to the completion of your film. It must be very fulfilling to have a new puppet done to this far of your journey.

    m_) Minor details, minor character.. ah the most interesting parts of a story seem to always be minor to me.

    m_) While working on a project, I like to consider all the alternatives and this is how my brain becomes some sort of labyrinth inside. Not quite sure if my feeling is being clueless but rather distracted by all the options given. It could be this, it could be that..Ah well, it must be part of the process overall that in the end we find ourselves very driven to proceed.

    As minor as they may be, it takes a lot of thought to get it done. I can’t deny that.

    The minor worries rest in the major tasks.

    m_) Keep working hard, my friend. I am still waiting to be surprised by Orpheus.

  2. Dan, you’re right, it is very fulfilling!

    > the most interesting parts of a story
    > seem to always be minor to me,
    you wrote.

    I guess it’s because I’m less afraid to fail the minor things. When these litle experiments work well, I could adapt their solution to any bigger task…
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  3. m_) I just added you to my links, hope you don’t mind.

  4. Thank you! I absolutely don’t mind, I appreciate that!

  5. so cool to watch animation!

    nice post.