Week 3

Well, after a bad start this week I changed course and limited myself a bit to get a better start. So I try to keep it very simple. This week exercise is ablout making a charakter think. We were given two characters, a professional one with a ball and socket armature and a semi-professional one made from wood and wire which is very stylized. This one I’m actually animating. On Tuesday, I did some research for the whole day about movement and in some way I became that character for a day. I acted out the timing in front of video camera and today I tested some of the general movements I want to do with that puppet. See the tests on the flash video below. Tomorrow I’m going to animate the big shot where all of this is going to be included. And if there’s some time left, I’ll do the character design of a third charakter which should have a spring somewhere to have two different kind of movement in one puppet. That would be interesting I guess.

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09. July 2008 by Jessica
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  1. Oh MAN! I love the puppet and the animation in these so much, Jessica! EXCELLENT work!

  2. Πολύ καλά! (Sehr gut !)

    The Schnuspel is getting better and better…