Week 3 (addendum)

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So this is the final animation of the last week. The tutor’s comments are those: The nodding at the beginning looks as grandpa’s view is following something. That was not my intention, I wanted him just to sit and nod like old men sometimes do. The problem is the long distance, I guess, from the very left point to the very right point of the nodding. For the next time I would change that and make the way shorter. But animating it was a hard thing because I moved the puppet in very tiny steps (0.5 mm perhaps). The other thing was when granddaddy falls back I could underline the pose with another frame at the top of the movement. So he falls back, his torso stops and his head overtakes the torso for a few frames. At its climax I could have added another extreme point of the head to give it more weight. And then, grandpa could really be shocked. In general, the animation could be a bit smoother then, but it seems to be okay so far. It was a hard piece of work this week. But I really like my blinking and what he does with his eyebrows.

One thing I really found out is about the importance of leading the audience’s attention. If you are going to animate your grandpa, for example and you want to make sure everybody will see his eyes moving, then you must not move anything else. If one thing is moving it would be sure of the audience’s attention. If there are two things moving like the left hand and the head, one of those would be missed my the audience. I think there must be a kind of hierarchy with movements, like head movement would be more attention catching like eye movement when they’re happening at the same time. But I’m not sure yet on what this hierarchy may depend. Intensity perhaps, or human relexes caused by evolution.

Last week I also get the final confirmation from the university of applied arts in Vienna for my exchange scholarship I had applied for at the beginning of 2008. There will be another big journey this year then. After finishing this course, I’ll be going to visit Germany, have a short pause of three weeks there, taking a deep breath and then starting for studying in Austria. But I don’t have relocate all my stuff again, that’s really nice. Just packing my suitcase again and getting to the airport….

13. July 2008 by Jessica
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  1. Verdammt guter Kaffee! Gefällt mir!

  2. Love it! I love this newsprint puppet and your animation looks very advanced.

  3. Habe Mitleid mit dem Grandpa bekommen, als er wieder zurückgefallen ist. Ich glaube, sein Blick (insbes. die Augenbrauen) war’s… Sehr schön!