Week two

Last week was an annoying one. For our exercise, we had to animate a simple flexible shape to get a feeling for its internal movement. And I didn’t want to do it in a complicated way and so I decided to take a worm of clay and to start with it. See the larger Storyboard version by clicking the smaller one. That was the way how it should have been at the end of the week.

storyboard week 2

I learned so much by that: First, if you do a lot of good research you won’t be so frustrated because you’d archieve much better results. So the caterpillar walk is much better than the sniffing of my worm for example. OBSERVATION is the name of the magic spell. To qoute good old Aristotle, things won’t be in your mind, unless they had a sensory perception. (Okay, it’s not a quote actually, but it’s in the sense of our old greek friend). So Arril, our tutor told it to us a few times and I thought, “right, got it!” …and no: I havn’t. So I had to find out that by the end of this week.

The second thing is the camera’s white balance. Our eyes may not see white but our brain says “that’s white for sure!” to keep it simple for our perception. There is a German word for perception, Wahrnehmung, which means something like “accepting something to be true” which is a good description of what’s happening behind your forehead. So I did three of five sequences without any white balance, which look amazing as you’d guess. I wanted to edit the sequences to a small story but now I first have to find out if I could do some colour correction, only two of them have a white backgorund. Trust the camera, not your brain… A classical beginner’s mistake. But I think I’m going to remember that now every time I touch a camera.

Then, third, I didn’t smooth the clay enough. There was a kind of wobble during most of the frames. So many things I now have already forgot to write about like some frames should be cleaned out for smoother animation. Perhaps I’m going to post the results during the following week, but today I never want to see them again. Fortunately, I’m not a nostalgic person and so I must not look back but forward to the next week. It was a frustrating week at all, but I’m also convinced that these moments are more important than those when you’d get copliments on a job well done. If you do something well you could keep it. If not, you have to develop your skills. So I’m going to grow next week.

One good thing of last week really was the life drawing class.
We had a fantastic modell who also lectures arrabian and african dance. And our course on wednesday was all about movement. Yes. Movement… Surprise! We hadn’t much time for thinking of what we are going to draw because the modell danced and then stopped. We had 10 to 30 seconds for each drawing, not much I think. See one example below:

Life Drawing example

It was great fun and at the end she taught us some african dance movements. You’ll always take your complete body while doing African dance which was hard to learn for me as a donnish German… Getting your spine and your head connected with your feet and your arms… Interesting, but possible! After a small rehearsal we had lots of fun dancing all together… I’m learning so much during these wonderful weeks.

06. July 2008 by Jessica
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  1. Amazing!

  2. It’s really fantastic getting to watch your progress and process with learning these specific things, Jessica!

    You are learning such valuable things. Terrific drawings.