What I do When I Need a Break

When I need a pause from the work on my film project, I often watch some animated clips and nibble some sweets. It’s great when the both come together sugar-free:

Thanks to Peter, this video yesterday really made my day.

Bon Appetit!

24. February 2010 by Jessica
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  1. Yay!

    I can has laughtering myself away….

    It is amazing.
    I’m not sure… i think i would do more copy’n paste instead of file -> hide magic. Anyway it is interesting how to get to different semantics in gui design. And again those mouse movements.

    Wonderful. So here i stay now saying “thank you” to my computer for its cpucycles spent on my day-to-day mouse movements, making my life smooth. And “thank you” to its inventor (group) who made a thing work of that nobody knows how it works and nobody is able to rebuild from ground up.

    And it’s about cooking.
    *Awwww* :-)

    And those sounds.
    We need mouse-tracking sounds… for every twelfth pixel passed. *checkpoint*

    It’s about getting all semantics wrong, isn’t it?

    But don’t invest to much time in your break by thinking about my comment. It’s a break.

    Break for breaks.

    Consider it done – speaking for me.
    Reminding me of doing things other than pause and idle. You’ll here from me tomorrow…

  2. This is fantastic! I love it! It’s also a great idea to liven up a cookery site – I’ll be passing it on to my journalism students. Maybe it will get their creative juices flowing…

  3. Hey guys,

    good to have you around!
    JC, we should definitively move forward with Produce It Online™! ;)

    Simon, creative juices… Yes…
    It’s never as easy as it sounds…