Withdrawal Symptoms: There are some great ones!

So it’s Sunday again.

On Sundays I usually share inspirational web finds with you to feed our brains. Nevertheless I decided to stop reading last week: cold turkey, for one week. Mostly because I was so annoyed by myself reading really useful stuff on the internet and not getting things done.

I stopped reading on the internet, especially on Twitter, blogs and news pages. And I also deprived magazines and books.

Hey, it’s only one week! Plus, I still read mails once a day.

For you, this means no brain food today except my report on

One Week of Reading Deprivation

I started last Thursday and suddenly I had an amazing amount of spare time.

So I called an old friend. I spent time just sitting in the kitchen and watching the birds outside. I cleaned the kitchen completely. I worked in the garden. I did a lot of nice things, most of them creative activities.

And then it was Friday.

Usually, I start my day with journaling and a cup of coffee. Next I have another cup and breakfast with the most beautiful man alive and after that I read e-mails and a few things on the internet. By then it’s an hour later, I’m annoyed by myself and I can’t really concentrate because my brain is so full of information.

Friday went completely different: I made my way into the studio after breakfast and thought, “Hey, let’s read some… well,… dammit!” I suddenly I had nothing to do but to animate. So I simply did that. The whole day!

Which is why I finished three other scenes for Ins Dunkel over the weekend. Here’s one:

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

Orpheus enters the Underworld to bring his Eurydice back.

I now see clearly how much energy reading takes, especially when it seems to be necessary. A whole lot of things I read aren’t.

(Even though I miss Twitter!)

I learned that I have to take good care of the energy I have. Reading is fine, helpful and sometimes really important. But the work I do (in my case, animation, art and design) is way more crucial. It keeps me alive.

Reading is an easy way out if I work on something really important. – Anyway, I will read (and tweet) again from Thursday on. I want to limit my reading though to special time windows because I tend to read too much, in a way that affects my well-being. Let’s see if this is going to work better…

My advice: Give it a try, definitely! It changes a lot, and I suddenly remember what is really important to me.

Jessica ♥

06. May 2012 by Jessica
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Comments (6)

  1. The clip looks excellent.

  2. Everything looks fabntastic, Jessica!! the animation is so exciting to see in action! YAY!

    I love the way you are in love with your husband! yay!

    A lot of my day goes online too. Not sure I’d be willing to let the input go though. At least not yet.

    I like how you are protecting your energy! A great key there.

  3. Jeff, thank you!

    Shelley, yay for online support!

    I think reading or input is very important but as Paracelsus once said,

    “Poison is in everything, and no thing is without poison. The dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy.”

    I currently learn a lot about taking care for myself… As with everything else, it’s a steady process…

  4. This clip can be used as a trailer too – as it is. Maybe, but just maybe, with some music or background sounds too – but it works as a trailer for me too.

    I know the issue sticking too much with information intake and loosing the grip on a self-set time table. Timers work nicely for me: an hour for this, one for that and/or so on…

    Nice to see all these improvements and additions in the set. And the way your character moves and blends in so perfectly.

    And now some reading. :)

  5. Hey, is that an 83% for animation? Like 5/6 done? That’s great, I really am looking forward to see the full film soon!
    Myself, I was very glad that my vacations got my head cleaned of the usual noise (usually, it’s like the little monkey banging cymbals and somersaulting, like with Homer Simpson). Good to hear that you found a way to direct your energy into your work– though I hope you will find time soon for reading, Twitter and other stuff again.

    And how is the garden coming along? :)

  6. Michael, I often work with timers, too, especially when I don’t want to work on a thing. Like, “hey, let’s do this for 30 minutes only…” ;)

    Oh, and there will be a trailer! Right after I finished the animation… (This week, probably.)

    Leo, actually it’s 91%, but I haven’t changed the numbers yet. :D I’ll be back on twitter today, I think. But I still don’t read news sites… This is the monkey in my head…